Seedcap business advisory


"I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: Try to please everybody."


Herbert B. Swope


Seedcap business advisory


Seedcap provide entrepreneurs and startups, but also more mature companies, with strategic and operational advice to help build their companies and attract financing. We do this as external advisors, board members or interim managers.


Here are examples of areas where we like to add value.


Corporate governance

- Ownership directives

- Shareholder agreements

- Board composition and operation


"As a company matures separating the roles of owner, chairman and CEO usually comes up. This in connection with expanding the company's advisory network, improves both decision making and generates more business opportunities."



- Market and competitive analysis

- Strategic partnerships

- Business modeling

- Outcome based innovation


"Creating a compelling reason for a customer to buy

is at the core of building a sustainable business model."


Business plans

- Preparation

- Evaluation and feedback

- Parsing into relevant documents


"Although business plans are great for thinking things

through we advise against "paralysis through analysis".

We rather "lean" towards doing business than writing about it".


Marketing and sales plans

- Positioning

- Brand development

- Choosing a balanced marketing mix


"Word-of-mouth" is not the catch all phrase to use when

pitching to investors. There is more..."


Budgets and financial planning

- Cash flow projections

- Financing requirements

- Financial modelling


"Having a clear understanding of the key financial drivers

of your business, and what levers you can adjust,

is crucial to knowing how to improve your business."


Lean startup

- Creating your assumptions

- Testing your assumptions

- Generating data to guide further action


"Real life data must match your vision and

projections or your story will not ring true."


Managing risk

- Risk analysis

- Risk optimization


"A lower risk profile positively impacts company valuation."


Company valuation

We do valuations for both startups and more mature companies.

However, the way we go about valuing startups is very different from mature companies.


Presentation technique

We have helped hundereds of companies to perfect their pitches and to deliver their message with great focus and clarity. There is no better door-opener than a great pitch.


Interim management

We can step in and lead a project or turnaround to achieve specific milestones in accordance with a mutually agreed time plan and budget.

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